Rest Day 2: Olympia, Greece

On this day, 2013…

The reason for trekking all that way across the Peloponnese was, of course, to visit the ancient ruins of Olympia. I don’t want to make this to be too big of a thing but if you read my book about cycling to Italy you may remember that I was initially inspired to get off the sofa and do something less boring instead (as they used to say on kids TV back in the early 80s) by watching the rain sodden cyclists at the Beijing Olympics. Despite the damp conditions, it was exciting and exotic and I wanted a piece of the action. When I did, I also got a significant amount of the water but that’s another story… My interest in the Olympics goes back further than that however. I hesitate from saying it was ever a ‘passion’ (if it had been I might well have been one of the…

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