The 35 Degrees: Teaser Trailer

OK, it won’t be a film (yet), but here’s a little teaser trailer (move over Star Wars and Spectre…) for the new book, The 35 Degrees: Heading North on a Bike Called Reggie

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  1. That’s rather cool – some great images. Just a very minor edit suggestion – the shadow cyclist at 38 secs is rather sedate compared to the music – have you got similar either pushing uphill or soaring downhill? Might work better.

    I like the “35 degrees” tag/title. I wonder if there’s “35 degrees of …” something (nods to 50 … grey) – I can only think of “35 degrees of freedom”, which might work. But there’s probably something better. It could show on the closing titles rather than at the start.

    But whatever, I llike it!

    • Thanks Craig. Feedback welcome. I shouldn’t really take too much credit for the trailer; they are very easy to make using the templates provided by Apple iMovie. ๐Ÿ™‚

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