Another Post About Cycling Gear From, You Guessed It… Aldi!

MENS LADIES PERFORMANCE CYCLING SOFT SHELL JACKET 3 - CopyThere aren’t many material rewards to running this website; it is, at heart, a thinly-veiled vehicle for selling my books (What? You hadn’t noticed?!!) but I do hope that from time to time you find something of interest on these pages. That said, in the last couple of years I have been rewarded royally (in kind) by the supermarket juggernaut that is Aldi. After Cycling Gear from… Err… Aldi? and Summer Cycling Gear from, Yes, Aldi! comes Another Post About Cycling Gear From, You Guessed It… Aldi! (Don’t bother clicking on that last link as it will just bring you back to… ahh… you did. Well, welcome back!) for I have, for the third time, received a complimentary box of cycling gear from the supermarket and yet again, I’m genuinely bowled over as to just how good the stuff is for the price that they charge. The ‘event’ was actually last Thursday but I’m sure Aldi still have plenty of stuff in stock; my brother went down to his local Aldi yesterday to fill up on the items that I wouldn’t allow him to nick from my complimentary box and he came back laden with stuff. Of particular note from the items that I received were the Lobster Gloves (£7.99) that are also probably worth buying if you are attending a Doctor Who audition anytime soon, the Rechargeable Bike Lights (£8.99 each) which give my CatEye ones a run for their money at a fraction of the cost and the amazing Tool Kit (£19.99) which makes me feel as though I should know how to use each of the implements it contains if someone is going to go to the effort of working out how to fit them so ergonomically into the box. All in all, you may have fallen out of love with Volkswagen in the past week or so; perhaps it’s time to fall into love with their German cousins Aldi… You can see all the ‘special buyshere. As they say in all the good adverts (and the ones for DFS), ‘only while stocks last‘…

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