Proviz ‘Out Of The Dark’: Clever Interactive Advert

Clearly this is an advert for high visibility cycling gear, but it is an effective one. Watch the YouTube video below then go interactive at

For each jacket the company sell incidentally (presumably through the interactive website) they will donate ยฃ5 to RoSPA.

From the press release:

Proviz co-Founder Anthony Langly-Smith comments โ€˜Most cyclists understand the importance of being seen when cycling at night, but many cyclists are riding with little or no reflective material. The video highlights the Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket, which is made exclusively from reflective material and has been in high demand this winter. We hope viewers will play around with the video and share it with friends and family so that as many cyclists as possible are aware of the safety benefits of being seen at night.โ€™

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  1. Have seen this jacket at a store recently. It is unbelievably shiny and reflective. I’ve also read that the shine comes off after 10-15 (machine?) washes… Perhaps just a hand wash/rub is the solution. Definitely a must for night cycling.

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