Two Alberti Of Vicenza

An interesting coincidence last night. On the left of the photo is Alberto, my weekday lodger who is originally from near Vicenza in northern Italy. On the right is Alberto ( you can see where this is going…), my latest visiting Warm Showers touring cyclist who is from Vicenza in northern Italy! Most of the chat was in Italian albeit with only modest contributions from me, my receptive skills being significantly better than my productive ones. I concentrated on the cooking instead! Cycling Alberto is on an autumn tour which started back in Italy before heading over the Alps in the direction of Paris. From the French capital he followed the route of the Avenue Verte linking Paris and London via Dieppe and Newhaven. After a few days in London – he was impressed with the cycling atmosphere – Alberto continued his journey along cycling route 4 in the direction of Reading (and seemed to encounter the same route finding issues as me when I cycled in the opposite direction in August at the start of my journey to Scotland) where I met him after work yesterday evening. Today, storm permitting, he will continue his journey to Oxford then to Cambridge before returning to London and a flight back to Italy. He is due back at work in Vicenza (where he works as a cycling mechanic in a bike shop) at the start of November. Should I refer to the two Albertos as the two Alberti?

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