Video: London For The Day

Before I go on can I just say that this video is posted here in the context of my quest to become a competent travel ‘vlogger’. I make no claim to greatness for what you (might) have just watched but although it may be lacking in riveting content I am impressed with what I have been able to do while on the move. Filmed (obviously) on location in Reading and London, assembled and rough edited on the Circle Line, polished a little at Paddington Station and in the first few minutes of the journey back to Reading and uploaded to WordPress (the YouTube option wasn’t available as it required a WiFi connection) via my Vodafone 4G connection on the train journey back home (about 25 minutes with a few pauses for stretches of 3G) and at Reading station itself. To prove a point to myself that I can work independently of the home computer and its Internet connection, I am writing this in Forbury Gardens, my local park! So, here it is, my first proper attempt at mobile vlogging. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘London For The Day’!

Categories: Cycling

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