A Damp Afternoon In Reading… Again

Apologies if you’ve seen this pop up three times now; I think I’ve finally cracked it! In my quest to master the art of vlogging (see yesterday’s post), as I sipped my coffee in my local cafe I made the video below. The progress since yesterday’s time lapse is that it has been edited / enhanced with the assistance of Apple’s iMovies which comes as part of iOS 8. The problem I had was in uploading a quality version of the video to My initial attempts via Google Chrome on the iPhone 6 came to nothing but I did manage to do so via Safari. However, the quality wasn’t great (why did I manage to upload an HD version yesterday but not today?). I tried emailing the video to the website; that worked fine but the quality again wasn’t great so in the end I have ‘resorted’ to using YouTube. It may, in the long run, be the way to go. Most of this waffle is for my own later reference but feel free to comment if you have anything to add.

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  1. Andrew

    I suspect iOS8 was being helpful by only uploading a low res version over the phone network. You probably got high res at home as it was. Wifi…


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