Paul Ram: Go, Go, Go!

Should you ever wish to contact me with tales of your own cycling adventures – and some people do – your chances of them appearing here on in some way, shape or form are significantly increased if you include some good pictures. That’s what Paul Ram from The Netherlands did last week. Paul describes himself as follows;

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 15.24.31“Iโ€™m Paul Ram (28) aย  freelance WordPress developer from Amsterdam who loves to cycle (TourduPisa & TourduGermany) and go on adventures. In 2013 I made a trip with my bicycle from Amsterdam to Pisa. In 2014 I biked from Amsterdam to Berlin and back. All alone.”

Needless to say he has a WordPress website – GO backpack GO – and belowย are his somewhat familiar pictures of his cycling travels around Europe. It looks as though he is about to escape Europe and start an adventure in Asia. Now there’s an idea…

gobackpackgo 5gobackpackgo 2gobackpackgo 3gobackpackgo 6

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  1. Hi Andrew (and Reggie!),

    You ought to consider a ride in the USA sometime! The Pacific Coast is the go-to route. I just finished my second tour that included the Oregon Coast and took a nice detour inland to Crater Lake. The riding is spectacular!

    If you have interest, you can count on a place to stay in Santa Barbara and please feel free to utilize my Travel Reports page on as a resource.

    My wife and I are considering Berlin to Budapest next, so thanks for bringing Paul’s trips to my consciousness! I’d love to be featured and to share my knowledge with your followers, too.

    Warm Regards,


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