Summer Cycling Gear From, Yes, Aldi!

aldi-signLast autumn I was sent some cycling clothing by the supermarket Aldi to test out. I wrote about the items in a post called ‘Cycling Gear From… Errr… Aldi‘. As you might guess from the title I was a little surprised that Aldi actually sold cycling gear and, if you read the piece itself, you’ll discover that I was a little taken aback as to what good quality stuff they were selling bearing in mind the cost. Well, Spring is here and Aldi is about to launch its summer cycling gear range. They’ve sent me a few items to review and I’m delighted to say that I am equally impressed as I was last September with the winter stuff. From the feedback I received following the previous post, I’m clearly not the only person out there who thinks the clothing is good value. I also learnt that the Aldi cycling gear sells out pretty fast so you need to get down to one of their shops as soon as you can after either the 4th May or 29th June as these are the two dates on which the gear is made available. This is what Aldi themselves say;

“In store on 4th May and 29th June 2014 and while stocks last, Aldi is offering expert and amateur cyclists alike the chance to pick up everything they need for a summer of cycling with its range of excellent quality cycling clothing, accessories and tools. From a cycling computer (£4.99), sixteen function bicycle mini tool (£6.99), double cylinder foot pump (£5.49) and a whole host of premium quality textiles including shorts (from £7.99), gloves (£3.49), ergonomic socks (2.99), base layers (from £4.99) and cycling jackets (£15.99), Aldi has everything you could possibly need to get out on the open road and enjoy the sunshine.”

IMG_8118I cycled home earlier this week from work in the ‘premium cycling shirt’ (£14.99) the ‘softshell cycling jacket’ (£15.99), ‘casual cycling shorts’ (£11.99) and the fingerless cycling gloves (£3.49) – in fact the only non-Aldi stuff was on my feet – and it was all very comfortable. The only one thing I was slightly disappointed with were the gloves where one of the pull-off loops broke when I pulled it to remove the gloves, but apart from that, brilliant! Here’s a picture of what I looked like! I’ll be on the catwalk quicker than you can say ‘sexy beast’. Perhaps. Anyway, here is a complete list of the stuff that’s available. Soon, you could be looking just as good as me…

(Note: It’s been pointed out that the list refers to 2013 which is a good point but the original document provided by Aldi was dated 2014 so I can only assume that they haven’t made any changes…)

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  1. I did head on down to 2 different branches of Aldi a few weeks ago with the intention of replacing the fingerless gloves I bought there a few back. In one branch they only had extra large (very loose on my hands) or extra small (circulation stopping). In the other they had all sizes but all of the gloves had been unpaired and only the left hand glove had a label on it giving a size. Trying right hand gloves on alongside the left didn’t work as none of them appeared to be the same size. A pity really as the gloves appeared to be well made.

  2. I am afraid to say my Aldi cycling shoes have only lasted 5 weeks! They were very comfortable, and looked alright, but last week the section attached to the clip came out when I tried to twist off! My foot came away, but the clip remained attached! Such a shame because I was very happy with them up to that point! Now looking at the other show I can see it starting to come away too.

  3. I bought a pair of fingerless gloves from Aldi a couple of years ago and they’re only now on the verge of retirement and replacement. Could do with some more shorts as well so I’ll head on down. I never know when they’re selling stuff so thanks for the heads up.

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