Beginners’ Guide: Cycling In The High Alps Of Europe

IMG_0995I’ve had a bit of experience cycling over the Alps – in 2010 over the Gotthard Passย (in Switzerland) at 2,091m and then in 2013 over the Tende Pass (just north of Nice on the French-Italian border) at 1,871m. They were both memorable days of cycling and I can highly recommend them. I didn’t do that much research into the climbs before attempting them but perhaps next time I should.ย Paul Bramford of Forever Morzine has contacted me about a new resource that he has made available online: “It is the only online resource of its kind, and answers all the key questions about cycling in the Alps in Europe for the first time. It’s content is invaluable for any Alpine first-timer.Here is the link if you fancy checking it out. I also like Paul’s photo competition. I’m tempted to enter with a few of my own shots:ย Back Camera IMG_0985 Back Camera

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  1. In 2012 I followed the Rhine from its mouth on the Dutch coast to the nearest cycleable point to its source, the Oberalp Pass in Switzerland at 2046 metres. This was part of an attempt to cross Europe which was eventually aborted when I ran out of time. Next year I tried again but using a different route, ie one that went nowhere near any bloody mountains!

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