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Three Buses: Peter, Hans And Mark

It’s always good to from people that I have met on my travels. This week, two fellow continental drifters from the cycle from Spain to Norway back in 2015 have been in touch. First up is Peter Udell. I met him in northern Spain in the early part […]

Eurovelo 13 / The Iron Curtain Trail

Not sure if you have ever explored the further reaches of this website. If you haven’t you may not have visited the section called ‘Eurovelos 1-15‘. It’s over there on the right sandwiched between ‘Eurovelo 8‘ and ‘Pennine Cycle‘. Found it? Good. I have to say that I […]

Cycling Europe… 27,000 Miles!

From BBC World News: “A 72-year-old Latvian, Leontis Romanovskis, chose an unusual mode of transport to visit the Olympic host city – a bicycle. He claims to have covered around 27,000 miles cycling across Europe over the past eight years, in an effort to test his fitness after fighting […]

Alpine Downs and Ups

Do you ever want to scream? Today is one of those days. I live in a flat where I pay a communal charge and it has just been increased by 500% from around £90 to just under £430. Now this is clearly an error but it annoys me […]