Bienvenue Dans Le Pays De Dieu… & Elland

Don’t you just wish you came from a place like this? Oh, yes… I do! Bienvenue dans le Yorkshire! Bring on the Tour de France 2014!

And the route that was revealed last week not only passes through the small town in West Yorkshire where I was brought up – Elland – but it climbs the road where I spent those first 20 or so years of my life & the house in which my parents still live! See more route details on the official Yorkshire Tour de France website. I was in Yorkshire last weekend and met up with a chap called Matt & his girlfriend Vic who are at the forefront of celebrating the passage of the Tour de France through Elland. There is already a Twitter account to publicise events taking place in the town and there will soon be a website. I hope to play my small part in the celebrations in July 2014. I’ll keep you posted!

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