Le Tour De Calderdale?

On watching the video below your first reaction may be ‘hasn’t the person behind the camera got better things to do with their time on a cold, snowy day in the north of England?‘. It is a film of a journey through Calderdale in West Yorkshire but not just any journey for this is the Calderdale portion of the route of Day 2 of the Tour de France 2014 on Sunday 6th July. Hopefully the cyclists won’t get stuck behind a bus in Hebden Bridge, have to negotiate their way around road works in Ripponden or indeed suffer from a severe blurring in Elland. Ironically, it is at this point, 9 minutes 14 seconds into the film just as the blurring starts to rectify itself where I will probably be stood as my brother and his family live at that exact point (just opposite the church). I also hope that the snow will have disappeared and that we will be drenched in the sultry summer sunlight that is so associated with July in Yorkshire. Or is that Tuscany? I forget. The video, as you are about to discover is courtesy of The Halifax Evening Courier, ‘The Voice of Calderdale’.


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