Good Vibrations: “A Passionate Read” “Loved It” *****

Perhaps the first line of the latest five-star review for Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie will help me break into the lucrative market currently dominated by Fifty Shades of Grey

“This a passionate read – and if you enjoy travel or you enjoy cycling, this book has the power to keep you reading. Everytime I picked it up to read and set myself the target of a chapter (a day’s ride on [the author’s] route from Reading in the UK to Brindisi at the tip of Italy) I’d find myself just reading the start of the next chapter just see what might happen next, and then found myself doing the same at the chapter after that. I had so much empathy with the author, in the way he dealt with people he met and his attitudes towards them, the timings of his ‘rest days’, the points in the route when he decided to reward himself with a hotel stop rather than another campsite, and the enjoyment he got from just doing something challenging on his own. Loved it.”

Herbie Green, (‘Vine’ Reviewer)

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