Matt Krog & The Eurovelo 6: Day 42

Matt Krog’s final post from the Eurovelo 6 from Nantes to Budapest. He made it & many congratulations to him for doing so. He will continue his journey to Rome and he will be continuing to blog at his website Matt’s Big Bicycle Tour. Thanks for creating some great reading material Matt. You really should write a book about the whole thing…

Thursday 23rd August
Gyor to Budapest: 6 hours 14 minutes, 126km

“There is not much in the way of quiet roads between Gyor and Budapest. The Eurovelo 6 tries its best but eventually ends up following the highways (route 1 and 10 in Hungary). The Hungarians do try, with a couple of wonderfully kept cycle paths alongside the highway. However, these are but brief.ย Yet again, it was unbearably hot. Acting as inspiration, every kilometre there were signs counting down the distance to Budapest.

120 signs later, I arrived. Locating the Danube and crossing the chain bridge from Buda to Pest, I managed to find the Wombats hostel without trouble. Walking in, it felt more like a hotel! A really grand foyer with polished floors and natural light filtering in through the glass roof. I checked in for 4 nights. Giving me an extra day to recuperate before beginning my new journey to Rome.

I walked around in the evening to find a place to eat. The evening was warm and the streets were lively. Afterwards, I joined in on a game of cards being played in the hostel foyer. We were an eclectic mix of Canadians, English, Finnish, Italian and South African (me).”

Matt Krog

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