Good Vibrations: “Inspiring Cycling Odyssey” ****

“What a cracking little read this was, showing just what anyone can do if they put their mind to it and have the bottle to head out of the comfort zone of their front door and out into the unknown. The thing I love about these type of books is that they get you thinking, ‘I could do that’, and [the author] has certainly got my cogs whirring round. He is just a normal bloke who craved a bit of adventure, something more than the norm in life, working in a crap job, watching soaps and eating microwave meals, and thank God he did. It’s a lovely, nice flowing saunter down the centre of Europe… as he takes you from Reading to Italy on two wheels. His descriptions of towns and wilderness are equally visual to the reader and it was a real shame when the journey came to an end. Let’s have another mate.”

G. Taylor, review

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