The New East End, As Seen On Instagram

Instagram’s beauty is in its simplicity; photos uploaded, cleverly edited by the click of a button on your smartphone and posted online. Others can comment or like. You can follow others and they can follow you. That’s about it. No long profiles, no tagging, no groups, no timelines. Let’s hope that doesn’t change. I say this as I know little about ‘davfeefoto’ other than his profile name and the photos he has posted. He has, however, made a nice comment about my recent photos posted to Instagram: “Loved all your pics over the last 2 weeks. Might even buy your book now!!!“. He is clearly a man with taste. Lest you feel left out by not having seen the photos he is referring to, here is a catch up. They were all taken in and around East London over the last week where, due to my ‘Gamesmaker’ work, I have almost become a resident.

Categories: Cycling

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