The London Olympics; Going, Going…

The Olympics, sadly, are coming to an end. They have been wonderful and much has been written and said elsewhere that I will not repeat here. My reward for being a volunteer driver at the Olympics was simply to be able to say that I was there and I played my part in making it the successful event that it seems to have been. All ‘Games Makers’ have, however, received a symbolic baton and a certificate as a thank-you. Both are worth very little but at the same time represent so much. But hang on! This is a website all about cycling I hear you shout. Well, once my final shift of driving has finished on Wednesday, I intend writing about my experiences of being on the other end of the cyclist-driver battle; did I revert to a stereotypical BMW driver using the power of my engine to bully my way across London? Did I get frustrated by the number of cyclists and their actions? How did I rate the quality of the cycling that I experienced? Will I modify my own behaviour as a cyclist now that I have been reacquainted with a steering wheel for a while? Am I saving up for a BMW of my own? Are Reggie’s days numbered? All will be revealed… Watch this space!

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