Good Vibrations: “A throughly enjoyable read”

Brian Palmer has written a review of Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie for The Washing Machine Post;

“Sykes has a glorious, yet understated wit, which is way more satisfying than any rip-roaring induced laughter at each paragraph end. The best writers and indeed, the best comedians are those with an acute sense of observation, married to an ability to translate this into eminently readable text… Iย cannot but congratulate the author on writing a throughly enjoyable read, one that encouraged continued perusal through its pleasant and easy-to-read narrative. There must be thousands of cyclists who take their bicycles to mainland Europe every year, so the fact that a schoolteacher from Oxfordshire did so a few years ago is a less than remarkable fact. I have seen a number of manuscripts that offer a similar invitation to travel, yet fail magnificently by way of convoluted plot, lack of a decent grasp of the English language and attendant punctuation, but most often through a complete lack of any clue how to tell a story in an interesting manner. This is a confident chronicle of what seems to have been a joyful trip and one that fulfils a similar purpose to all that Tour de France TV coverage, illuminating aspects of the European countryside that more normally remain hidden to the average Brit.”

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