GVCEBCR: 5* “A Most Enjoyable Read”

“Iย have just finished reading ‘Good Vibrations – Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie’ by Andrew P. Sykes (@CyclingEurope on Twitter) and what a thoroughly enjoyable read it was too I must say. It tells story of Andrew and Reggie’s six-week journey along Eurovelo route 5 from their home in Reading, England to Brindisi at the southern tip of Italy. From the initial planning of the non-existent Eurovelo 5 route map, to the final preparations and eventual execution of the cycle, the book is lively and contains the perfect mix of descriptive narrative, snippets of history and humour to keep you thoroughly engaged throughout. From the annoyance of Reggie’s occasional squeaks and rattles to the perils of broken spokes; from the search for a place to stay each night followed by the many restless nights under canvas; and from the trepidation and anticipation of meeting people along the way, who had until then only been contacts made through the internet, to the occasional but inevitable language barriers (even for a language teacher – there is hope for the rest of us after all), the book keeps up a lively pace and there literally is never a dull moment. When I have completed my cycle tour, I want my book to be this good! Well done that man… and Reggie :)”

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