On Hannibal’s Trail (Again)

I first wrote something about this documentary – On Hannibal’s Trail – back in October 2010 when it was shown on the BBC HD channel. At the time, Middle-Age Cyclist Darrell (that’s his website by the way, not me being presumptuous) commented as follows;

It is a great series for any cyclist with an interest in touring or for anyone interested in Hannibal. If you fit both criteria you are quids in!

While it seemed a little forced at times –  the guys are not brilliant actors – the enthusiasm they obviously had for the trip and the relationship with each other makes for an enjoyable viewing experience none the less. I would have liked to have found out some more of the cycle/camping realities they faced on a day-to-day basis but that is just being picky me thinks. It was one of the rare programmes I recorded and I happily rate it 8/10.

This morning, Sam Wood, one of the three cycling brothers in the documentary posted a comment of thanks to Darrell (I think he may have found the post and presumed it had been written in the last few days) and following his link back, I notice from Sam’s website that the series of documentaries is about to be shown again, this time on mainstream BBC2 at 8.30pm starting from next Friday the 20th January. I’ll be tuning in as their route takes them along the Eurovelo 8 (more or less) from Benidorm to the Alps before heading south to Rome which is, of course, the Eurovelo 5 (ish!).

Here is the link to the page on the BBC website all about the programmes. The Wood brothers’ own website is here.

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