Plugging In Reading / Reading In Puglia

Another busy day on the shameless marketing treadmill of life. Waterstones in Broad Street Reading now have a copy of Good Vibrationsย in the shop. Great! Well, perhaps. It’s there because I delivered it this afternoon for them to look at. If you remember, I’ve already submitted a copy to Waterstones central office for them to peruse and consider stocking. Hand on heart, I think it’s a long shot that they would actually decide to stock it up and down the country but you never know. However, to their credit Waterstones do try to encourage we budding writers at a local level. In the past I’ve seen posters up advertising books that have a local connection and if you are a long-time reader of this website, you may remember me discussing how I met local cyclist & author Mary Bryant in one of the Waterstones branches in Reading a couple of years ago. The chap I was talking to in Waterstones suggested I call a lady called Cheryl on Tuesday and I certainly will. We’ll see what happens on that front.

At the other end of the Eurovelo 5, Basil & Liz, my friends in Puglia, when they are not busy electrocuting their olives, have been delving into a bit of R&R with their copy of Good Vibrations. And if proof were needed, here are the pictures. Don’t forget that they rent out their villa just metres away from this bench – see their website for more details. Elsewhere in Puglia, the website has just published the first of three extracts from Good Vibrationsย recounting the day that I spent travelling from Materaย to Cisternino.ย Good Vibrationsย is gradually, going global…

What do you think?