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How does it look next to Bill, William, Peter and the rest? My typeface is slightly smaller than most of the others and the pages thinner…

UPDATE: I have modified the text size which makes it easier on the eye and also a slightly fatter book on the shelf (it’s gone from about 265 pages to 320 pages). In doing so, my royalties have been squeezed… The things I do for the buying public! I’ve also changed slightly the cover – the word ‘good’ is now in yellow rather than red and I’ve repositioned slightly the wording so it sits further into the page. The word ‘merda’ (Italian for… well,ย you work it out) is removed from the cover photograph and the wording on the spine is larger at the expense of the size of the letters in my name. The first few pages of the book are radically different and now include lots of pretentious legalistic mumbo-jumbo that I have copied from other books (all that ‘the author has asserted his rights…’ stuff). There is a new, more detailed map (suggested by my father) and I have made the photos lighter so that when they are printed they are much clearer. That’s it. Done! There has never been a better time to buy!


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    • Well, it’s strange that you should say that… I was contacted yesterday by someone from Evans as a result of my post on here about the Cycle Point place in Leeds. I didn’t let the opportunity slip of suggesting that they may want to stock some copies of my book and I offered my services to sign a few ๐Ÿ™‚ Watch this space…

  1. My ‘First Edition’ arrived today, and with the changes you have since made it will be rather unique, and maybe worth a fortune one day.

    • Yes, it will one day be worth an absolute fortune so keep it in pristine condition! I made some more corrections to the text last night (including the spelling of British Isles as pointed out by Janet in her text) but thatโ€™s it! No more fiddling / changes. I now need to concentrate on the marketing

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