Talking With Europe

Well, to the Spanish Costas where the listeners of Talk Radio Europe are to be found. The interview was quite short but I was able to give a short summary of my journey along the Eurovelo 5 and then plug the book at the end (I’m learning!). The video below has as its soundtrack the interview which starts with a playing of the song Good Vibrations. What else? I was broadcasting live from an office in the science department at Gillotts School. Thankfully, Al West’s Year 10 group were well under control as they did sciencey things on the other side of the glass partition…

STOP PRESS: Enjoy it while you can! I have just recieved an email from You Tube which states: “Your video… may have content that is owned or licensed by EMI”. I suspect a removal may be along soon…

What do you think?

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