Matters On My Mind

By the man who is currently rowing the Canadian Arctic

As mentioned yesterday I have started reading Mark Beaumont’s new book about how he cycled from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina in 2009/10 while at the same time scaling the highest mountains in North & South America. Well, not quite at the same time but I’m sure you know what I mean. I’ve only got to the end of chapter two but – he is about to summit Mount McKinley – and I already want to set off on my next small-time adventure. There are reasons I have to wait until 2013 to cycle from Athens to Cadiz along the Eurovelo 8 (the Olympics, saving the money, becoming very fit, working out how to get two and a half months off work etc…), but if I could, I would set off tomorrow!

By the man who is currently looking for a better title for his book

Reading someone else’s book also makes me eager to finish my own. The chances are it won’t make it to the physical shelves of a bookshop but at least we now have the electronic world into which I can launch my little tome (if that is not a contradiction in terms) and it should find its place someday on the virtual shelves of Kindle. If the first week of my summer holidays was spent renovating the flat and the second entertaining (they may not use that word) my parents, the third must be dedicated to knocking my first draft into shape. That would be something to celebrate!

Morecambe and Wise present Des O'Connor with a golden disc to mark sales of 100,000 for his album 'Just For You'

As will my 100,000 visitor since this blog arrived on WordPress in January 2010. Each week approximately 1,500 of you pass this way (although I admit some of you may come more than just the once; if we lived in a just world, you would all receive medals for your diligence), so as things stand, with the visitor count currently standing at 98,945, barring a sudden upsurge in activity (which I am not against!), the 100,000 barrier should be breached on Thursday or Friday. Perhaps I should offer a prize to the person who can email me a screen shot of the counter standing at 100,000. It could be you!

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