Jobs For The Summer

1a. Finish correcting / editing the book.

1b. Make an effort to get it published…and then stick on Kindle.

2. Sort out flat (including cleaning carpets which, in a strange way, excites me)

3. Sell all my unused chattels on e-Bay.

4. Watch pile of DVDs that have never been watched (and then flog on e-Bay).

5. Get lots of exercise.

6. Do something impromptu with Reggie.

7. Avoid getting obsessed by ticking things off a list that I wrote on the first evening of the holiday.

8. Fail & re-write list.

9. Try not to spend too much time thinking about all those colleagues who are spending their summer doing things far more adventurous than me…


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  1. Off to the Loire valley today with family + tandem, If you get your head around pedalling a bit of the return from Paris bit in late August give me a shout. Will be off the communications grid for a fortnight. No phones, no computer (well that is the order, I will see if I can manage!!)
    Bonn champs with cleaning the carpet!


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