Monaco To Croatia Along The EV8

Writing the book about my journey along the Eurovelo 5 has taken over the posts of this blog in recent times (I am still at the red pen correcting stage by the way and haven’t made much progress in the last couple of weeks) butย the time is approaching where I must start to think a little more about my 2013 (or perhaps 2014)ย plan to cycle from Athens to Cadiz along the Eurovelo 8. Good timing then for Manuel Gunzburger to give me a metaphorical poke back in that direction through his comment on the Eurovelo 8 ‘others’ section of the site a few days ago (where he now merits an entry himself);

I decided, a few days ago, to take my bike with a good friend, and to go to Croatia, maybe Dubrovnik, starting from Monaco. The only problem we’ve encountered, and not the least, is that we can’t find recent “logbook” about the trip. Let me explain: we would like to know, before leaving Monaco, which steps, legs, we will do. We would like to plan, for each day, where we will start, where we will stop, how many km will we have to do. Actually, we would like to find exact maps of the route, and maybe some information (where to sleep…) about each place. Could you help us?

The short answer is probably, no, not yet. This is very reminiscent of the Eurovelo 5 questions that people still ask. The only thing I can do at the moment is to push Manuel in the direction of the ‘Eurovelo 8 Report’ that you can download down there on the right of this page in the ‘flash widgit’ section. It gives some quite detailed information about the route but to my shame, I have yet to analyse it in any kind of detail. Perhaps I should. Once the Eurovelo 5 book is finished, it will move to the top of the list of things to do… Sorry Manuel.

What do you think?