Off The Bike / On The Bike?

This is not ReggieIt has now been a week since Reggie was deposited back at A.W.Cycles for his repairs and end-of-academic/commuting-year service. And he is sorely missed. I appreciate that when he does return – perhaps towards the end of next week – he will look fantastic and purr like a pussy, but life is inconvenient without him. I have been commuting courtesy of a pregnant colleague who has been a God send but it’s difficult having to live according to someone else’s timetable. Or the train timetable when she is not available. Even some of the kids at school (who regularly ask me about him!) have noticed he is absent; they give me a strange look when I inform them he is still not well. Has the concept of a literary device never been explained to them by their English teachers? At least it is nearly the end of the year and arriving at school later and leaving earlier than normal is easy to adapt to. My lessons have become a little less planned in the last week. As for next week, I am off to France. Three times! But only for six hours on each day. All so that a bunch of 11 year olds can stuff themselves silly with croissants and sweets…

Looking forward to getting back to the daily commute, hopefully, in the final week of term. And then I will have to decide if I do anything over the summer. The only tentative plan so far is to cycle over to Newbury to meet Jim who will be en route back to Cumbria from Paris in late August. He has sent me the following route map and as you can see, it wouldn’t be too difficult to cycle across and join him for a few miles. The red bits are my additions btw. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll see.

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