Cycling Day 18: Como To Pavia

Now available online! Comment is, as always, free, so please do so. Follow the link above or simply click here to read the latest draft chapter of the upcoming book about my Eurovelo 5 journey… Day 18 was a guided cycle from Como to Pavia through the northern suburbs of Milan and then south along a canal to Pavia, home of Simone (my guide) and his girlfriend Elettra.

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  1. Hi,
    Love your blog and I’ll have to get the book when it’s ready! My husband, son, and I are considering doing the section from Colmar to Rome next year at a VERY leisurely pace. My son will be 5 years old at the time and we will have to pull him in a trailer. We’ve never been to Europe, but done some week long trips in the States and he did great! I guess the question is, Is it crazy? Is it possible (if we get in great shape) to pull a trailer over the Alps? Did you ever encounter families camping and cycling? Also, we considered breaking the route to connect over to the Cinque Terra and then back through Tuscany…any thoughts on that?

    • Hi Rachel. Thanks for the comments.
      I am about to reply to your questions in a new post on the homepage so check that out in a few minutes. In the meantime, please have a read (if you haven’t done so already) of the more detailed account of my day from Como to Pavia in the ‘book’ section of the site; it is one of the chapters that I have already published online – see

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