“Written With Humour”, Seriously!

‘Mattie’ in the Channel Islands is planning a trip from St. Malo to Athens. He asked on one of CTC’s forums for advice as to whether to take the Italian route (which would potentiallyย use part of the Eurovelo 5)ย or the Balkan route (which would use part of the Eurovelo 8 ) on his way to Greece. I commented my thoughts and he was kind enough to pay a visit to this website and read some of what I have written. He generously added the following comment to the CTC forum;

P.S – Andrew – I read some of your journal, written with humour, and look forward to getting a copy of your book if I see it in the shops. Good luck.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Mattie has his own website here. I am very jealous of his Koga Miyata bike…ย I need to crack on and write some more chapters…

What do you think?