The Author’s View…

The rich ones have the Pacific crashing upon the shore next to their Malibu beach houses. I have this…

I really should do some work for going back to school tomorrow but I feel I have at least one chapter in me this morning, perhaps two… And then there are the shirts to iron. Don’t you just love the humdrum of working life.

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  1. I think you need a reference to the blog in the title. Back in the early days the subtitle of your blog was ‘Reading to Puglia by bike and blog’ or something like that. Not a catchy title, but something that captures the sentiment would be good, unless you are not making mention of the blog at all, of course.


    • Thanks Chris. I am referring to the blog, in fact I’m just at a point where I’m debating whether to quote one sizeable chunk of what I wrote en route. The problem with putting the word ‘blog’ in the title however is that it’s becoming a bit of a cliché people transforming blogs into books. Would it put some people off reading it? Not sure…


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