Calais To Taranto Along The EV5

“Estimated time of departure: 5th May 2011. We are cycling across Northern France, a bit of Germany, Switzerland (the high bits) and zig zagging down Italy (trying to avoid the high bits) to Taranto in Southern italy which is where Mary Ann lives. Hopefully friends and family will join us from time to time …either cycling with us or helping to tow the caravan. When there is no one around that job will fall to Sally who will then set up camp and then jump on her bike and pedal back to where ever Mary Ann has got to. Or maybe, if she’s sensible, she’ll sit in the sun with a nice glass of wine and wait…..Have fun following us and big thanks to Andrew Sykes and Anne Mustoe for inspiration. Lets hope we don’t have the torrential rain that they both had!”

Thank-you for the thank-you Sally & Mary Ann. They have set up a website here and you can support them by clicking here. Good luck!

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