Let The Bidding War Begin!

Here it is in its raw state. All 39,153 words and 168 pages. Set in Georgia 18pt (italic for the blog entries), justified. Now all I need to do is transform it into a best seller, which may take a bit longer than the time taken simply copying and pasting from this blog which, apart from the first three pages and 1,500 words, is all that I have done so far. I’ll be happy with anything above 80,000 words in its final version which would probably put the whole book at around 300 pages. The pictures, by the way, will not stay (as a picture says a thousand words, I’d rather make sure I was giving myself the maximum opportunity to write those thousand words! They are just there to remind me of what I was doing at the time of blogging). I’ll set myself the deadline of 31st August to get the whole thing finish. Any takers?

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  1. I have done a similar thing, copying the stuff off my blog, adding a few more photos and additional anecdotes- it has made a lovely scrap book!
    I’d buy yours. In reality, your hourney was a big part of my summer too!

    • Thanks for the nice comment Chris. One of the main motivators in me deciding to try and write a book about the experience is that so many people seemed to enjoy the blog posts last summer. One of my friends said she was lost when I finished as she built her entire day around reading what I had to say!! Any more trips planned?

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