“Dummy Jim”: A Second Opinion Needed

Now, what do you make of the following email? It is, I suppose, in response to the post about Lisa Baum and her plans to cycle to the Arctic Circle. The weirdest thing is that the man himself – Dummy Jim – was killed “in mysterious circumstances” in 1965. Yes, that’s supposed to be the man who has sent me the email. The website only periodically works and not all pages appear… April Fool? Spam? Hoax? True? Thoughts welcome.

Dear Andrew
May I draw your kindly attention to my story, in which I cycled to the Arctic Circle from Scotland in 1951. There is an abundant website for you to explore, I am told this has been very useful and popular in the classroom: You must allow at least 15 minutes to browse – like any real journey, things take a little longer than expected. If you find it of interest, please do let me know, and pass the news on to your friends and colleagues.
Yours aye
‘Better to wear out shoes than sheets’

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  1. Dear Andrew

    Thank you for sharing news of my story. It is the epic tale of James Duthie, a profoundly deaf man from Cairnbulg in Scotland, who cycled to the Arctic Circle in 1951. There is no hoax, and good storytelling.

    I am concerned that you experienced trouble with your journey on the web site. Were you in a rush? These days people are impatient. A good journey takes time. If you reach the Arctic Circle, do send me a message, and I will reply.

    I wish you good luck with your interesting writing and brave adventures.

    Yours aye



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