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A strange week of extremes on ; from last weekend to mid-week I was getting around 200 hits a day… and in the second half of the week under 100. Could this be all the Year 11 kids at school who had discovered that Reggie has his own Facebook page last Saturday and Sunday and clicked on the link to bring them here only for that little bit of minor gossip to be replaced with something far more interesting in the second half of the week? Only a 15 year old can fathom the workings of a 15 year old’s brain and I am no longer one of those.
The ups and downs of the blog were mirrored in the ups and downs of my visit to the gym this morning. I was rather proud of my 25 minute run at 9 kilometres per hour – a full kilometre per hour more than in previous recent visits – but then I gave up on the rowing machine barely 5 minutes into a planned 25 minute journey. I was, however, cheered that when I put on the pair of jeans that I have been avoiding since Christmas, they actually fit properly. Post Christmas, the button was at straining point to say the least. I have celebrated by coming to the pub for a pint of beer and forget the work that I had intended doing this weekend.
Cycling back from the gym, one thing did strike me; why don’t I use this summer to go on a walking holiday again? A few years ago I went to Corsica, then The Alps, then northern Spain with Explore, “the adventure company”. My lack of cycling plans for 2011 before the Olympics in 2012 (hopefully – no news on that score btw) and Eurovelo 8 (or perhaps the full Mediterranean circumnavigation) in 2013, may provide an opportunity to do something on foot in August. I checked out the Explore website – – and there are a few interesting things on there although the one trek that particularly caught my eye – in Morocco – didn’t run in the heat of the summer. Wimps!

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  1. One of the chaps in the office went trekking in Morocco recently (November ish). Was him and a group of his mates. I think they booked cheap flights and organised an independent guide. They wanted to avoid being dragged through markets and peopleโ€™s homes to buy things, like can often happen, and the chap listened and gave them a good tour. Think they are going back again to another bit of the Atlas mountains. If you want any details let me know.

    I just stuck to Marrakech when I went but to see there and some time in the sticks would be a really good holiday. Will make that effort myself some time too.

    Iโ€™ve just decided upon Japan in Feb 2012. A friend is doing the Tokyo Marathon for charity, Iโ€™ll try entering online and hope I donโ€™t get a space!!!!! Spend a week or two there and try and stop off in Beijing to see a friend too if flights oblige. Still got to decide on what to do in 2011 thoughโ€ฆ..

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