Blogging, Cycling (& Brewing) In Deal

Not me. I’m still stuck in Reading on a grey and dreary Saturday morning but hey! It’s Saturday morning so I shouldn’t complain. I’m a bit of a shandy cyclist compared to some; earlier this week, Jim Rawnsley invited me to join him and some friends on a cycle across the north of England in late May. I can’t take part as I am in Paris that weekend with a bunch of 15-year-old from school. Another “real” cyclist is Iain Harper who I stayed with in Deal last summer at the start of my journey south along the Eurovelo 5. He now has his own website up and running – www.southeastcyclist.wordpress.comย – where, as he says, he has started writing about the “mainly cycling related happenings of my life”. Well, not my life. That would be verging on stalking. His life of course. Like the best cycling blogs (well, mine as well), he doesn’t need many excuses not to discuss cycling and he has already written about home brewing, a hobby that is no doubt flourishing now that we are in recessionary times. Or for those people who don’t live within walking distance of a Wetherspoon’s pub. I wonder if I am allowed to brew alcohol in my flat under the terms of the lease? If you blow-up your garage, so be it. If you blow up your flat, it would be “breaking news”… I have put the link to Iain’s site in my “inspirational cyclists” section down there on the left. He mentioned in a recent email about cycling along the Kennet & Avon Canal which would be nice as he and his girlfriend Carly could pay me a visit at Meridian Towers. Better get the still out…

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  1. Cheers for the plug Andrew. What a surge of visitors you have gave me! Having me down as an “Inspirational Cyclist” is probably overegging it a little…..

    Not been blogging much as I’ve had a crap week and got a couple more coming up but will need to get on with the blogging. Even if it is just complaining at the bad time I’m having!!!!

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