Travelling Two: Tips For Winter Bicycle Touring

This article on the Travelling Two blog makes me wonder; should I plan something for the February half-term holiday? The picture here (from the article) is beautiful but I’m sure if I were to wake up in one of those tents at 3am and start shivering violently, I may have a different opinion at the time. That said, the temptation remains…. I did invest in some warm gloves and socks from Decathlon yesterday (finally used by ยฃ10 voucher!) for my daily commute (back next Monday). Only a Thermos flask to go….

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  1. Get a very good heavy winter sleeping bag and a mat to sleep on if you do. I was cold in Switzerland at end of September sleeping in a three season bag with clothes on. B&B it would be a better option. Actually the more I think about I think it would be quite good to do a tour then if you get it cold and crisp but dry the weather would be ideal. As long as I’m wrapped up proper I love being in cold frosty clear sky conditions.

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