East, West & South From Andermatt

Iain Harper has just commented on the previous post and reminded me of his experience in Switzerland in September. I went to look at his pictures of Facebook again and found this one taken at the Oberalppass. Brrrr…. Where is your tent Iain? Ah yes, you stayed in a hotel that night! 🙂 Don’t blame him. The Oberalppass is east of Andermatt – Iain was doing a circular tour in Switzerland and not heading south towards Italy so he didn’t use the Gotthard Pass like me. It does make me wonder what the Gotthard pass would have looked like on the day he took the picture however; it is slightly higher than the Oberalppass and by the looks of it, probably more exposed. So who went west? James Bond of course! I watched Goldfinger when it was on the TV last weekend and looked up the filming locations on IMDB afterwards as I wondered if they had filmed anywhere near where I had cycled in the summer. They had, in Andermatt (the garage where James Bond fills up with petrol and exchanges a few words with Tilly Masterson before road rage kicks in and he cuts up her car, literally). But then they headed west and used the Furka Pass in the Aston Martin DB5 that went at auction for £2.6 million this week.


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