On Hannibal’s Trail

I caught the first five minutes or so of this programme last night on BBC HD… I was falling asleep at the time, despite the fact that the programme started at only 9.30pm! I blame the red wine that I had consumed in the afternoon with Johnny (see previous post)… Anyway, I see it was first broadcast back in August when I myself was cycling through Italy. These guys are following the route of Hannibal, from Spain, over the Alps and then to Rome. The blurb goes as follows;

“History and travel series in which three Australian brothers – Danny, Ben and Sam Wood – set out cycling on the trail of Hannibal, the Carthaginian warrior who marched from Spain to Rome at the head of an invading army accompanied by elephants. With the Alps behind them, the brothers cycle through northern Italy from the fertile Valley of Trebbia, where Hannibal’s first defeated the Romans on their home turf, to the rolling hills of Tuscany. They continue on through thick marshes before arriving at Cannae, site of the bloodiest battle of ancient history. On the way, the Woods meet a winemaker called Hannibal, attempt to make a pizza in Naples and have a close shave in Trani.”

It’s available until mid November on the i-Player so I’ll try to watch it on a day without wine…. (which, if the weather continues to be as miserable as it has been recently will, without doubt, be a day without sunshine). Click on the picture.

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    • Hi Sam!
      Thanks for passing by. Im not sure if you realise that this post was written back in 2010. I have noticed however that the series is about to be shown again and have reposted Darrell’s comments in a new post on the blog. Here is the link:
      I can’t remember if I actually ever did watch all six documentaries at the time so I’ll be tuning in on Friday!

  1. It is a great series for any cyclist with an interest in touring or for anyone interested in Hannibal. If you fit both criteria you are quids in!

    While it seemed a little forced at times – the guys are not brilliant actors – the enthusiasm they obviously had for the trip and the relationship with each other makes for an enjoyable viewing experience none the less. I would have liked to have found out some more of the cycle/camping realities they faced on a day to day basis but that is just being picky me thinks. It was one of the rare programmes I recorded and I happily rate it 8/10.

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