Back To Siena In 2011?

Doretta Vicini emailed a couple of days ago reporting back on her talk about the Eurovelo network to the Ciclomundi Festiva in Siena at the end of September;

There were many interesting reports about long bicycle rides, as for example the one by the Swiss Claude Marthaler who also wrote several books, or Francesco Gusmeri who traveled from Italy to Australia, just to mention a couple…..

Doretta goes on to ask if I would be interested in attending the conference next year to talk about my Eurovelo 5 cycle; how intriguing! I need to email her back…

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  1. Mohammed on travel.
    If travel broadens the mind, as is suggested, then my dear fellow we both must be broad Yorkshire.
    Can’t wait to hear of your next plans.
    Post them high on the wall that way you will not fail.

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