Polishing-Off The Website

I think I’m getting there with the new-look website. Clearly I would have preferred to go to work yesterday and today instead of coughing and sneezing over this computer (it’s true – I would; the hassles of being a teacher and missing two days of school cannot be underestimated), but it has allowed me to finish off a few bits and pieces on here that were loose ends.

Some photos now brighten up the banner at the top along with a clearer type face. The photos are, from left to right;

– Bike signs in Switzerland

– The Kent countryside

– The cyclepath beside the Meuse in France (although I have reversed the picture for aesthetic reasons!)

– Cisternino, Puglia at dusk

– The crumbling ruins of a lighthouse along the harbour wall at Brindisi.

I’ve also now managed to finish off the pages where I have listed all the posts along the Pennine Cycleway in 2009 and more recently along the Eurovelo 5. Earlier this week I added a section about my teaching career and there is also an, at the moment very empty section about the Olympics in 2012; if they turn me down as a volunteer it may well disappear pretty quickly!



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  1. On the banner is says 1 bike. I think you need to up that number! Can never have too many bikes 🙂

    A question on the changes and website addresses, how or where did you get the address from rather than just having the wordpress address?


    • I have two bikes and think you have a point so I will change it!
      As for the web address… very easy to do; it is simply one of the options in WordPress. You fill in the details, pay your £10 and hey presto! You have your own website address.


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