Ciclomundi Festiva In Siena

If you happen to be passing through Siena today, 25th September, you could make a little detour to go and listen to Doretta Vicini who is talking all about Eurovelo at a round table discussion at the Ciclomundi Festival entitled “In viaggio lungo le strade della civiltà” or “Travelling along the roads of civilisation” which, even when translated into English still sounds very Italian, assuming, that is that my translation is indeed up to scratch. As I mentioned on here a couple of weeks ago, she contacted me asking for a short summary of my trip which I provided via the blog (Eurovelo In 200 Words?). I wonder if she will mention me? 4pm, Santa Maria della Scala – Sala del Museo Archeologico. Don’t be late!
I have more mundane cycling matters to deal with this morning back in Reading; the new D-lock (the old one was confiscated at security in Brindisi) needs returning to the shop as one of the screws is sheered and I need to buy a new front light as the old one packed up half-way down Italy. For the last quarter of my cycle along the Eurovelo 5, my tent was bathed in the red hue of my rear light of an evening; I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression…. And then there is the question of the gym; shall I or shan’t I? September, predictably, has been a “and relax….” month after six weeks on the road during the summer. October needs to see me get back into a fitness groove ready for the next adventure, whatever that might be. Scotland seems to have the most recommendations so far – see all the suggestions here.

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