Time To Relax In Cisternino

The ‘problemo’ is solved. A few turns of an alan key and Reggie was reduced down in size and wrapped in bubble wrap for a comfy ride. The box was flattened and folded so as to fit in the back of Basil’s car. Tomorrow morning at the airport the cardboard will be used to create a kind-of box around Reggie so that he can be checked in and loaded into the hold of the plane. Simples!
The process has, however, left me looking more like a maintenance man than a tourist which probably explains why the snooty waiter in the cafe you can see in the picture ignored me. I had to resort to asking if I may order… He relented, snootily of course. And in English which annoyed me.
Basil & Liz are back at the trullo near Ostuni welcoming some new customers into the house. We were able to stay there last night because there was a one-night gap. I have to say it is very comfortable up there with a covered veranda, swimming pool and about a hectare of land in which to do bugger all but relax. The house can sleep six and has two bathrooms. If that’s what you are after then see their website at . Basil & Liz are going to meet me here later. And they have just arrived!

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