Day 37

Tonight will be my 37th night away from home and I’m ready to return.; tomorrow on the 11.05 am Ryan Air flight from Brindisi to Stansted. I hear the weather in the UK isn’t great at the moment…. I’ll try and memorise the colour of the blue sky that I’m currently looking at as it may be a while before I see one again ๐Ÿ™ .

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  1. Dude, you look well weathered… I missed the last 2.5 weeks of your exploit by driving to southern Spain and back. Hope it went well.

  2. Look at those rosy cheeks! See you tomorrow-I’ll aim for 1.30 so text me when you’ve landed x

  3. You made it! Well done, what an incredible achievement! Just in time for la rentree. Boo hiss!!Sounds like you have plenty of stories to tell us all on the 1st (perfect for your first few assemblies too!). Norway was fab, have seen some truly spectactular scenery and they were having a heatwave which was a result! We cruised on the Kong Harald, I felt like I knew him well after all those CLIL lessons! Well, bon vol demain. See you next week

  4. “Iโ€™ll try and memorise the colour of the blue sky that Iโ€™m currently looking at”
    Aide memoire
    Look at your bike, it’s Blue!

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