This is a nice place that I just happen to have stumbled upon. I have opted for the (hopefully) flatter, longer route to Matera but I’m making slow progress so far. About 35 kilometres on the clock but only about 20 as-the-crow-flies kilometres from last night’s campsite. Back to Venosa. A couple of facts to impress people down the pub tonight;
1. It was ‘in its time’ (whenever that was) the largest colony in the Roman world.
2. It was the birthplace of Horace. Whoever he was; I’m sure one of you more scholarly types can fill the rest of us in.
Very pleasant place to sit and have a coffee. If they got rid if all the cars it would be perfect.
Reggie’s back wheel is a bit wobbly. I have checked the spokes and everything is OK there. It’s feeling the brunt of these Italian roads and cobbled streets. Hang in there until Sunday, please. Don’t mind if you collapse in a heap after that. It’s what I plan on doing…

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  1. Probably will be made true with the tightening of a few spokes BUT.. Just to be safe, Check the rim for cracks, especially if you predominantly use the back brake on descents. Cracks could be at the rim edge (replace the rim PDQ) or at the nipple (bit where the spokes go in) (should survive a few more 100 KM)

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