Rionero In Vulture

As you can see, it’s market day in Rionero in Vulture. The name comes from the name of the mountain next door – Monti Vulture. Well, hopefully. I don’t fancy being carried off by an enormous bird who fancies a big breakfast. Mind you, there were wolves in the hills; I heard them howling in the night and saw some this morning by the side of the road as I cycled first up and then down to Rionere. I didn’t stop to chat.
Apologies for yesterday’s lack of posts. I know how some of you are beginning to build your days around reading my cycling musings. All yesterday’s posts should now be on the site although they may jumbled up; putting them in the correct order will give you something interesting to do during the ad break on Countdown once you’ve figured out the conundrum. It’s usually not very difficult.
Today’s destination is Matera, the place with the houses built into the rock. I’m completely hilled out and tempted to head down from the mountains and cycle on what looks like relatively flat terrain. But even as I sit here with the map in front of me I remain undecided… Perhaps a peach from that guy’s stall will help.

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