I think the building up there is the Abbey of Montecassino but I’m not really up for the climb so will never find out for sure. The Rough Guide doesn’t sing the praises of the place so I’ll content myself with the town of Cassino itself here at the bottom of the hill. That said, it gets an even worse write-up having ‘very little appeal’. It was destroyed during the war and its modern day main attraction is, apparently a large Fiat factory. Perhaps this is where my old Fiat Punto was born…
The town gives me a nice break I’m what promises to be a long day. Tomasso at the farm last night reckoned 150 kilometres. I’ve done 50 of them already in just over two hours; the road was long, straight, not too busy and, probably the most important factor in keeping up a consistent good speed, it was in quite good condition for an Italian road.
The remaining 100 kilometres of the day look more of a challenge having more twists and turns. These usually equate to ups and downs. I will continue on the R6/S6/SS6 – take your pick as they all seem to refer to the same road – and then the S372 which will take me almost to Benevento.
Massimo: what is the plan for meeting? Are you happy to keep an eye on the tracker and let me know later? I’d prefer not to set a fixed time to meet yet as I’m not sure how long the journey will take.

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    • Thanks – ahead of schedule a little with some very long cycling days. Only a few more days to go and then back home on Tuesday. I’ll be there on the 1st ๐Ÿ™‚

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