Life On The Farm

Another new experience tonight; spending an evening on a working farm. Obviously my involvement in the farm is fleeting to say the least; the most I contributed was helping with the washing up. The place is run by guy called Antonello who has lived here all his life. His father ran the place before him and is still around – I chatted to him shortly after arriving not realising that he was indeed the ‘main man’.
Some people are ‘guests’ and they pay to be here. Others are volunteers and receive food and lodgings in return for working on the farm. Ian, a soon to be architecture student and Mia, an English teacher from London are the two current volunteers. After having done the washing up we spent some time chatting about their experiences here and elsewhere. Interesting! You can find out more about the farm and how it works at . Tomorrow: the long slog to Benevento…

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  1. This is great!! I sincerely hope that I have the same experience of working on a farm, or a in a monastery while in Italy

    • I hope you do too! Once I’m back home I’ll start commenting / reading your blog more than I have – wifi is difficult in Italy (I’m currently jacking someone’s connection in the street in Benevento!). Good luck!!!

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