Following Advice

As per your combined recommendations, I am now the proud owner of two cans of Autan and a packet of antihistamine tablets! Thank you.
As for my travels, well, Siena wasn’t working for me which is a pity as I would have loved to have had a proper look around. I cycled into the walled part of the town aiming for the Campo only to be told off by a policeman for being on my bike (it didn’t seem to matter that there were delivery vans whizzing up and down like it was the pit lane at Monza). So I continued, wheeling Reggie by my side. At the Campo itself I couldn’t take a bike in so was left for a few moments to peer at the mingling crowds and the general hullabaloo from outside. I didn’t want to leave all my possessions chained to a post while I went off and explored so I simply decided that it was something to be done on a future visit to Italy. I’ll watch the James Bond film again when I get home.
Using the sun again, I headed to the south side of the town. Just outside the city walls was an area which looked down upon the southern part of Tuscany and immediately I could begin to see what Massimo had been talking about. Today’s cycle should be spectacular so without further ado I better get on with it.

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