Mid morning coffee in this beautiful out-of-way (well not really as it’s on the main road to Rome) village 25 kilometres south of Siena. Nice & quiet however; a world away from Siena and the excitement of the Palio. And the two 85 cent coffees certainly hit the spot. My progress south could be severely delayed by places like Buonconvento.
Just for the record, the Autan seems to be working; the flies around here are bouncing off me like ping pong balls off concrete!

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  1. I have some relatives in that area from Buonconvento til Abbadia San Salvatore (my father’s native town) and Piancastagnaio. There are really beatiful places. It’s quite some time I don’t go there, you make me want to go take a trip on that place.

    Have fun.

  2. It all looks very beautiful where you are – I am back home from my very brief trip and wishing I wasn’t – it’s dull and miserable in Engerland. I too came home covered in bites, must be our pasty English skin they love!!! I won the prize apparently for being the whitest person on the beach!! How much longer before you arrive Chez Basil then? xx

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